Homeopathy was founded over two centuries ago by Samuel Hahnemann, a German physician.

The practice of homeopathy spread quickly across Europe and the rest of the world; nowadays, millions of people uses it and, in some countries, it is taught in universities as any other degree.

Homeopathy is a complete healing system, and should not be confused with other natural therapies such as Chinese medicine, acupuncture, herbs, etc.
Classical Homeopathy follows clear scientific principles using the minimum dose of a homeopathic remedy which stimulates the bodies inherent healing ability.

Homeopathy takes into account the human being in its totality , as an indivisible entity: mind-body-spirit. The homeopath does not diagnose or treat the disease, but treats the person as a unique and unrepeatable being. Homeopathy helps our body to re-balance its own energy, as a result, we feel better physically as well as mentally. A well-balanced body is able to fight and heal disease by itself.

We are currently exposed to a great number of toxic substances - such as harmful products that are present in our food, vaccines, medications, as well as unsolved emotional states that alter the balance of our organisms. Illness is nothing but the expression of this imbalance.

When we are ill, our body is telling us something: symptoms are the form in which our organism expresses itself and asks for help. Let´s listen to it… and get back to Nature.

Let’s listen to the wisdom of nature again, to the perfection of our organisms… Let´s recover our healthy state on permanent basis through a harmless system of medicine, and without side effects or palliative methods, as the founder of Homeopathy envisioned it : a balanced body, in its healthiest state, will be an instrument for the higher purpose of our existence.