"I found a post on Facebook from 6 years ago. I was so sick then. It was the first step in my long journey back to health. The supplements and diet could not heal the damage done to my lungs by the MMR vaccine I received as a teen. From that time for the rest of my life I was plagued with chronic Bronchitis, Pneumonia, and Sinusitis. It’s hard to really describe what it’s like to live with damaged lungs. It takes away your stamina and makes you extremely susceptible to infections.

You never really feel well even when you’re not officially sick. In the past I would describe it as sitting on a balanced teeter totter. All it took was a grain of sand to sink me. Today, for the first time I can truly breathe easy. After doing the CEASE therapy with the MMR vaccine, my lungs have been restored and healed. I never really fully understood the severity of the damage until now.

I couldn’t breathe easily and when I did take deep breaths I didn’t have full lung capacity. Today, I am amazed and full of gratitude for every easy breath I am now able to take because of homeopathy and CEASE therapy. I am so glad that I found my homeopath, Brenda Plascencia, who has facilitated this total healing. I would like to recommend her to anyone who has autoimmune disease, chronic illnesses, vaccine damage, or acute illnesses like colds. She has been with me on this journey to complete healing and she can be for you or your loved ones as well."

Rebecca Miller

"My son is 11 years-old, and he was administered vaccines against allergies between 7 and 10, without knowing any improvement in his condition. At the age of 10, he was diagnosed with ADHD, and I refused to give him any allopathic medications, which are stimulants and cause harm to the heart and liver.

I was lucky to meet Brenda Plascencia. We started a holistic treatment for Billy 10 months ago, and the results have proved fantastic. Not only has he recovered greatly from his allergic condition, but he has also stopped sweating during the night and having nightmares which were provoking his AHDH anxiety fits.

He now sleeps better; he is a quieter child, and he has improved his school performances a lot. And all of this, thanks to the homeopathic remedies. Thank you Brenda!”

Alejandra de La Campa

"My name is Lety. For many years I lived in a very serious depressive state; this was making me very sleepy and tired all day, as well as causing me anxiety fits with tachycardia. I was lucky to try the homeopathic medicine, and I liked it because it is natural and does not cause any side effects. All my problems went decreasing little by little and, thanks to the homeopathy, I managed to get rid of all that suffering which I thought would never end.”

"I want to share the experience that I lived with the homeopathic treatment I received from Brenda Plascencia: I would never have tried this option, and I had been using the traditional medicine for many years; I had seen all types of doctors and specialists and taken a lot of medications, but I was still suffering from the same disease. I was told about homeopathy, and I decided to give it a try… The results have been very good: I’m feeling better, and not only with my physical pains; I have also noticed positive changes emotionally. I highly recommend the homeopathic treatment."

Jaime Benítez

"My 4 year old-daughter Regina suffered from chronic constipation and inflammation. For more than a year she had to take laxatives every single day. Last July I decided to try homeopathy. Well, I didn’t want my kid to become dependent on laxatives. Regina was given a three month-homeopathic cure, and the changes have been impressive. She got rid of the laxatives; she goes to the toilets without any problems, and her abdominal inflammation has disappeared. I am myself amazed at the results we have got with the homeopathy.”

"My 3 year old-son had been frequently suffering from ear infections. Hardly had he ended an antibiotics treatment that he had to begin with another one. As a result, he was losing his appetite, and I could see him getting thinner and thinner. The time came when the pediatrician suggested to me that we put some small tubes in his ears to improve his condition. Before having my child undergo the surgery, I decided to try homeopathy… Although the treatment lasted various months, it was impressive to see how we managed to get rid of the antibiotics from the very beginning. He was getting ill less often, but when it happened, he responded very well to the homeopathic medicines only. Thanks to the homeopathy, there was no need to go for the surgery and, in addition, my son is in much better health.”

Lucia Santoscoy.