Homeopathy is a therapeutic system in which the human being is considered as a whole: that is, as a biologically, psychosocially and spiritually indivisible entity. Homeopathy helps our body re-balance its own energy. In this way, it is our body which does all the necessary to restore its balance and, as a result, we feel better physically as well as mentally. A well-balanced body does not let any illness take control of it.

Homeopathy is a therapeutic method that was created over two centuries ago by Samuel Hahnemann, a German physician and doctor.

Hahnemann founded the homeopathic principles upon the theory of Greek physician Hippocrates, who was the first to state that the healing treatment should be based on the patient’s individuality, and that there were two ways to cure: via the opposite, or via the similar. Conventional medicine is based on the treatment using methods that are opposing the symptoms. In contrast, homeopathy relies on the “SIMILIA SIMILIBUS CURENTUR” principle; that is to say LIKE CURES LIKE. Hahnemann was disappointed with the medical treatments of his times which did nothing but weaken the patient even more. After many years of studying, investigating and experimenting, he managed to observe the consistent natural phenomenon according to which a pharmacologically active substance had the ability to produce a series of symptoms which, in turn, could be cured by administering that same substance, but via minimal or infinitesimal doses, and respecting some specific rules.

This is the way in which he managed to establish a new therapy which was able to restore the patients’ health “GENTLY, PROMPTLY, AND ON A PERMANENT BASIS”. I name it ‘homeopathy’, from the Greek ‘HOMEO’=SIMILAR and ‘PATHOS’=SUFFERING.”

In 1810 he presented the principles of this new form of healing in his book The Organon of the Healing Art.

Then, the practice of homeopathy spread quickly across Europe and the rest of the world; nowadays, millions of people use it and, in some countries, it is even taught in universities as any other career.

Homeopathy takes into account the human being in his entirety, as an indivisible entity: mind-body-spirit. The homeopath does not diagnose the illness, nor does he or she treat the illness; he, or she, cures the person as a unique and unrepeatable being.