Certified in Classical Homeopathy in US and Canada for the Council for Homeopathic Certification (CHC).

Licensed Homeopath in Mexico ( University of Anthropology of Guadalajara -UNAG).

Certified in CEASE Therapy (Complete Elimination of Autistic Spectrum Expression) in Vancouver, Canada, in March, 2014.

Homeoprophylaxis Supervisor (Free and Healthy Children International).

Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach (Functional Medicine Coaching Academy - -FMCA).

Certified Health Coach (Dr. Sears Wellness Institute).

Member of:
-Texas Society of Homeopathy
-North American Society of Homeopaths.

Sometimes people ask me about what led me to the path of homeopathy and natural health care. I love to share it, because I realize that I just grew up in that path. I was born in Mexico. My parents loved Nature - my father was passionate about bees and my mom about creating remedies with the bee products. Conventional medical treatments were not common at home. When my siblings or I were sick they used to treat us with bee products or take us to the homeopathic practitioner. My mom herself had basic knowledge of homeopathic remedies, so it was common to see homeopathy in the first aid kit at home.

My great grandmother and a great uncle were both homeopaths. My mom kept at home some old homeopathy books that belonged to them, that I now keep as a treasure. I remember that those books had some kind of cartoon drawings about homeopathic remedies that I enjoyed looking at as a child, and without noticing it I became familiar with the name of some of the remedies without knowing what they were for. I grew up with homeopathy as a part of my life, it was the common way to treat upsets at home.
I have no memories about my mom taking us to a conventional physician, only homeopaths.

When my kids were born, my mom gave me a great book, so I learned how to use basic homeopathic remedies at home. When things turned more serious, I used to consult a very dear friend of our family who is a physician in love with homeopathy and uses it as his primary method to cure his patients, Dr. Jose Juarez. He used to coach me about what to give them when I was not able to find the right remedy for them. When my third son was born, he started to have a recurring croup condition, which I was not capable of resolving by myself. My homeopathic knowledge was very basic, so I was not able to handle the situation, and sometimes it was hard to find the homeopath because sometimes the episodes occurred at night or during the weekends. One time we ended up at the ER with my son having a very bad croup flare up. I felt so bad to see him in an emergency room, receiving medicines that I was not familiar with and that I knew were just not good for his little body. Especially because I knew that homeopathic remedies were enough to help him in his previous flare ups.

That day I decided to learn homeopathy in a deeper way. Homeopathy in Mexico is a fully recognized four year degree profession. So I went back to school! After my first classes I became so passionate about this marvelous method of treatment that I decided that I wanted to do it not just for my family but to dedicate my life to help other people to restore their health in the way that Samuel Hahnemann stated:
Brenda Plascencia, CCH, RSHom(NA), FMCHC